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The Thalys of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Thalys PBKA
The Thalys is an international high speed train wich serves Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Köln (Germany).
Thalys began service on June 2, 1996 and travels on a high speed line to Brussels, from Brussels to Amsterdam the normal railway lines are used. The high speed line to Amsterdam will be build in the future.
Thalys trainsets come in two kinds, awkwardly named PBA (for Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam) and PBKA (for Paris-Brussels-Köln-Amsterdam).The PBA is derived from the TGV Réseau (split windshield), the PBKA (with single windshield) is a third-generation trainset with power units identical to the TGV Duplex.
Between 1995 and 1998 27 Thalys trainsets have been delivered, the two motor cars together have a total performance of over 8800 Kw. The total weight of the 200 meter long Thalys is 385 tons. The maximum speed on the high speed lines is 300 km an hour.
Thalys PBA

Motorcar of the type PBKA
First wagon, 1st class including 6-seat meeting room, baggage compartment, galley

Second wagon, 1ste class
Third wagon, 1st class smoking

Fourth wagon, 2nd class smoking with bar
Vijfde wagon, 2nd class roken

Sixth wagon, 2nd class
Seventh wagon, 2nd class

Eighth wagon, 2nd class
Motor wagen van het type PBA
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