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Express electric engines in N-scale

HELP needed

This list is not complete, to complete the list I need your help.
Do you have any information on a model wich is missing (or incomplete) in this list, please send this data to me using E-mail. (Including a .JPG image of the picture in the catalog if possible).
Then I will update the list as soon as possible.

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Picture Machine type sub class Built Manufacturer Ordernr Catalog price
Last catalog Machine nr Original built for Original machinetype Remarks Traintype code
  E00   1911           K.P.E.V. ES   S
  E01   1913           K.P.E.V. ES   S
  E04   1933           DRG     S
  E05   1933           DRG     S
  E06   1924           K.P.E.V. ES   S
  E15   1927           DRG     S
E16 5 1928 Arnold 2449 268.99   E16 DRG     S
E16   1926 Arnold 2457 371.00   E16 K.Bay.Sts.B. ES1   S
  E17   1928           DRG     S
  E18   1934           DRG     S
E19   1938 Arnold 2491 320.00 1999 E19-01/02 DRG     S
E19   1939 Arnold 2491 320.00 1999 E19-11/12 DRG     S
  E21   1926           DRG     S

The pictures on these pages are, as far as I know, not protected by copyrights. If there are any objections against publishing these pictures, send an e-mail to delete the pictures immediately.
Attention, on these pages you will just find an overview, I have no commercial commitment with any organisation.
The prices mentioned are nothing more than an indication.
Contact your local reseller for any questions or orders.
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