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Steam passenger tenderengines in N-scale

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This list is not complete, to complete the list I need your help.
Do you have any information on a model wich is missing (or incomplete) in this list, please send this data to me using E-mail. (Including a .JPG image of the picture in the catalog if possible).
Then I will update the list as soon as possible.

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Picture Machine type sub class Built Manufacturer Ordernr Catalog price
Last catalog Machine nr Original built for Original machinetype Remarks Traintype code
  BR23   1940           DRG Einheitslok Do not confuse with the BR23 of the DB (1950) P
BR24   1927 Minitrix 12027 275.00 1997 BR24-058 DRG Einheitslok   P
BR24   1927 Minitrix 12028 249.00 1982 BR24-052 DRG Einheitslok   P
  BR34 73 1896           MFFE/Meckl. P3   P
  BR34 76 1872           K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. III DRG numbering is never used on the locomotive P
  BR34 77-78 1873-1876           K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. IIIb   P
  BR34 79 1892           K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. IIIbV   P
  BR34 80 1890           K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. VI bV   P
  BR34 81 1888-1889           K.W.St.E. A   P
  BR34 82 1888-1889           K.W.St.E. Ac   P
BR36 0-4 1898-1906 Arnold 2545 325.00 1993 BR36-446 K.P.E.V. P4-2   P
  BR36 6 1898-1906           MFFE/Meckl. P4-2   P
  BR36 7 1892-1895           K.Bay.Sts.B. B XI   P
  BR36 7-8 1892-1895           K.Bay.Sts.B. B XI   P
  BR36 861 1896           K.Bay.Sts.B. P2/4 Rebuilt in 1908 P
  BR36 9-10 1897-1900           K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. VIII V2   P
  BR36 11 1892           Baden Iic   P
  BR36 12 1896-1897           Oldenburg P4-1   P
  BR36 12 1898-1906           Oldenburg P4-2   P
  BR36 70 1896-1897           K.P.E.V. P4-1   P
  BR37 0-1 1903           K.P.E.V. P6   P
  BR38 0 1921           K.Bay.Sts.B. P3/5H   P
  BR38 2-3 1910           K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. XII H2   P
  BR38 4 1905           K.Bay.Sts.B. P3/5N   P
BR38 10-40 1906-1945 Fleischmann 7159 289.00 1999 BR38-1373 K.P.E.V. P8   P
  BR38 70 1895           Baden IV e2-6   P
BR39 0-2 1922 Fleischmann 7139 359.00 1999 BR39-204 K.P.E.V. P10   P

The pictures on these pages are, as far as I know, not protected by copyrights. If there are any objections against publishing these pictures, send an e-mail to delete the pictures immediately.
Attention, on these pages you will just find an overview, I have no commercial commitment with any organisation.
The prices mentioned are nothing more than an indication.
Contact your local reseller for any questions or orders.
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