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Planned activities.        Under construction. Stories and anecdotes about the experiences with the locomotive series 2200.                  Under construction. Which face belongs to which name????? Why does the foundation Museum Materieel Railion want to preserve these engines. Relations, participans and sponsors. Photos and reports about the progress of the restoration. Website of Railion, mainsponsor of this project.
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The foundation Museum Materieel Railion is a foundation within 'Railion Nederland' which has the objective, on initiative of several employees within Railion, to preserve a diesel electric locomotive of the 2200 series for future generations and, most important, to keep her in an active service state.
The management of Railion is giving full cooperation to this initiative. Therefore the foundation Museum Materieel Railion is founded, which will have several structural facilities within the Railion organization, in order to make this initiative a successful project for many years to come. As we speak three engines are in the possession of the foundation.
The foundation has the intention to treat the 2225 with priority. The reason is this, in 1955 came the 2225 in service at the, what was then called, Nederlandse Spoorwegen.
Goal of the foundation is to put her, after 50 years of hard labor, in active service for the society. This renewed service has to take place in such a way that it respects her history of the past 50 years. That is the reason why the foundation wants to restore the 2225 in its original state of 1955, in both technical and optical point of view.

The foundation and the board of directors of Railion have a relationship with the past century. By all means, that is the basis of present day. In the, in concept written, regulations of the foundation, which formed the basis of the foundation, clearly mentions these starting points. The social discussion and the involvement in the society in relation to the transport of goods by railway track in the present and the past are centralized in these regulations. The foundation express this in a responsible and professional manner. The foundation Museum Materieel Railion is looking for companies who would like to sponsor this unique project. Especially those companies who had a contribution in the build and maintenance of these beautiful and indestructible engines. These companies can contribute with a distinct eye blink to the mutual past.

The motivation above has lead to the fact that the revision department in Tilburg of Nedtrain is participating in this project. This department is doing this with a distinct eye blink to the past as well, as this company was responsible for the revisions of these engines for the pas 50 years.

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