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Motivation, why does the foundation wants
to preserve the locomotive series 2200

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  In early 2002, a group of employees within the Railion company - the former cargo department of the Nederlanse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) - took the initiative to preserve a diesel locomotive of the 2200 series for future generations. A foundation or union had to be founded in order to take care of the preservation of this engine or these engines. At this time Railion, our main sponsor, is taking care of the last matters in order to found the foundation Museum Materieel Railion.
Why this idea? The 2200 series locomotives has played a very important role in the reconstruction of the Netherlands after the second world war, besides that, this group of employees cherish warm feelings for this purely Dutch engine. Not only because its superb driving qualities, but also because its diversity in use, design and its specific engine sound.
But what might be of even more importance, purely Dutch manufacturers fabricated these engines. Three Dutch manufacturers, Stork, Allan and Heemaf have build the engines with the NS numbers 2201 to 2299, and delivered the parts for the in France build engines 2300 to 2350. Stork delivered the Superior diesel engines, Heemaf delivered the electric installation and Allan the casco. At present day only the Stork is still known with its original name.  
  So we are talking about an important piece of Dutch craftmanship and therefor also about real Dutch Industrial inheritance. We are sorry to say that there is not too much left of our Industrial inheritance, as the greatest part of the 2200 series is already demolished.
This was a motivation to preserve at least one engine for generations to come. At present day, the above mentioned group of emplyees has saved three engines from demolishment. The board of directors of Railion has given the engines 2225, 2278 and 2296 (renumbered to 2368) to this group of employees.
Of the 2200 engine series, the 2225 was chosen to be preserved. Not only because the 2225 was in reasonable original state, but also because this locomotive belongs to the first series of all 2200 engines produced, it still has its original number and this engine is equipped with an ATB installation.

Within the Euopean rules an ATB installation is obliged since the year 2000. At the start of 2000 all permits to drive without an ATB installation were withdrawn by the Inspectie Verkeer en Waterstaat, divisie rail (the department of the Dutch government which rules about all rail transport within Holland). As the 2225 is equipped with a complete ATB installation, even in the future Railion can make promotional trips with this engine.

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